OMG my first panel with amazing ladies!! @nadyasonika @echoendless @ridd1e @kristenhugheycosplay


OMG my first panel with amazing ladies!! @nadyasonika @echoendless @ridd1e @kristenhugheycosplay

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Super cosplayer Jay Justice

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I didn’t post this, but thanks to OP for crediting me! And wow at all the comments & tags! Most of them had me cracking up but this one was not so good:
"you can really overlook skin color on how f*cking fantastic the cosplay is"

Skin color is not something negative you have to overlook to appreciate the ‘rest of’ the person you are looking at. It is not a flaw that you have to ignore in order to admire someone’s work. The person who said this was not complimenting me but exposing their own racial bias.

My skin color is not something ‘wrong’ with my costumes. Being a black woman enhances my costumes. Black women are the beautiful flowers that white supremacy tried to kill but we kept growing anyway. They try to tell us we’re ugly and dirty and sadly some of us start to believe it. They sell us skin bleach & hair straighteners, and white wash our characters and expect us to be complacent. When we speak out we’re told we’re too loud and angry and unfeminine.

I appreciate all the kind words on this post but I want to say that it’s not a compliment to express approval of someone ‘in spite of’ that person’s race. If you can’t appreciate my work without a negative remark about my skin color, the problem most certainly is not with me but within you.

Boo for people who need to be dicks to black cosplayers.

And yay for Jay Justice for being amazing and awesome.

cosplay queen

I love all of your cosplays, and your confidence. I have a very thin skin and so I don’t cosplay because I am afraid of the comments of others. Your costumes are excellent. You are in character when you’re in them. And it pisses me off that people are saying your skin color is a detractor?? Dude, if everyone in comics weren’t so goddamned white…

Jay, I straight up adore you.

Awesome Cosplayer!!!

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Regal Cats in Oil by Eldar Zakirov


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This is more real then we all know!

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Cosplayer: HArley QuinnPhotographer: Knightmare6
More pudding cosplay photos after clicking the photo!



Cosplayer: HArley Quinn
Photographer: Knightmare6

More pudding cosplay photos after clicking the photo!


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Required Reading!!!

Required Reading!!!

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Batman: Black and White Motion Comic — Case Study


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That feeling someone is watching you

That feeling someone is watching you

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